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Medicare Worksheets

These Medicare worksheets can help you get and stay organized.

From defining your needs to finding a Medicare plan and getting ready to enroll, Medicare Made Clear worksheets help you every step of the way.

Medicare Choices Worksheet (PDF)

The Medicare Choices worksheet helps you compare your health care needs with the types of Medicare coverage available. You can quickly see which parts and plans offer which benefits and how they compare. This can help get you on your way to making an informed Medicare decision.

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Medicare Plan Finder worksheet (PDF)

Are you ready to start comparing Medicare coverage? The Medicare Plan Finder worksheet can help. The worksheet gives you tips on how to figure out which type of plan might be right for you and how to find plans in your area. You’ll also get a convenient chart that lets you compare plans side by side.

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Medicare Plan Review worksheet (PDF)

The Medicare Plan Review worksheet gives you a handy checklist that can help you decide whether to keep your current coverage or look into making a switch. Place a check mark by the statements that are true for you. The more check marks, the better your plan is working for you. The fewer check marks, the more likely it is that you may want to choose a different plan.

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