Medicare Part C Coverage Costs | Meet Helen | Medicare Made Clear

Helen takes two drugs that cost a total of $100 a month with no drug coverage. She joins a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan that includes drug coverage. 

Helen is careful to pick a plan that lists the drugs she takes on its formulary. Her plan premium is $35 per month. Helen pays a small co-pay each time she fills a prescription. Her co-pays total $250 for the year.

Helen's drug costs are pretty low, so she stays in the initial coverage stage. Her savings are still significant with her plan, as shown in the table below.

Item  Amount 
Annual cost with no drug coverage ($100 x 12 months)  $1,200 
Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan premium ($35 x 12 months)  $420
Initial coverage (Helen’s share)  $250 
Coverage gap  $0 
Catastrophic coverage  $0 
Total Helen pays for the year  $634 
Annual savings with drug coverage  $602

This is an example. Helen is not a real person. Dollar amounts shown are for illustration only. Actual costs depend on the specific plan. Your costs may be different.