WP65 Guide

Do you plan to keep working past 65? If so, you’ll have decisions to make about enrolling in Medicare. Depending on your situation, you may be required to enroll in Medicare at age 65, or be able to delay Medicare enrollment. Or, you may be able to choose to enroll in all or part of Medicare and also keep your employer plan.

How Can I Learn About My Medicare Enrollment Options?

If you plan to work past age 65 and want to learn more about your Medicare enrollment options, sign up below to receive a special guide and exclusive access to six informative webinars. You’ll get links to the guide and webinars via a series of emails delivered right to your inbox.

The series will help you understand if you can delay Medicare or if you may need to enroll, and what your options are with each. You’ll also learn about how Medicare impacts health savings accounts, how Medicare and COBRA work together, how the number of employees at your company can impact your enrollment options, and get educational information about Medicare basics, Medicare plan options and tips to help you enroll in a plan when you’re ready.

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Want to learn more first?

Visit the Medicare When Working Past 65 resource center.

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