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Get clear and simple information about Medicare, the different types of plans available, enrollment and more. Sit back, relax and learn.

  • How to Understand Medicare Plans

    Learn about the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C & D. What do the parts of Medicare cover? When do you need to enroll?

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  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D)

    You don’t get prescription drug coverage with Medicare Parts A & B alone. Learn about Part D prescription drug plans and when you should enroll to avoid Medicare’s late enrollment penalty.

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  • Learn about Medicare Supplement Insurance

    Medicare supplement insurance plans, also called Medigap plans, help pay some costs not paid by Original Medicare Parts A & B. Watch and learn more about Medigap plans.

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  • Ten Key Facts about Medicare

    Here’s a review of the top 10 Medicare facts to know about Original Medicare and the types of Medicare plans available from private insurance companies. Learn how the different types of plans work and what they cover.

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  • How to Choose a Medicare Plan

    Find out what questions you need to think about to help you decide what type of Medicare plan could be right for you. Learn what steps you need to take before you enroll in a Medicare plan and more.

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  • Save with Your Medicare Plan

    Understanding your plan benefits can help you save on your health care expenses and can make a big difference on your pocketbook. Get some tips on how to get the most out of your plan today.

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  • Retirement and Medicare Basics

    Retiring soon? Know the Medicare basics. Your Medicare health coverage choices can vary based on your age and whether you have retiree coverage through your employer or plan sponsor. Find out what you need to know and the questions to ask to help you retire with peace of mind.

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  • Help Your Loved One Choose a Medicare Plan

    Choosing the right Medicare plan can be confusing. If you’re helping a loved one, asking a few simple questions can help make sure their plan meets their needs, their budget and their deadlines. Learn what questions to ask, and help make Medicare easier for someone you love.

  • Get the Right Care for Your Loved One

    Are you helping someone you love get the care they need? Whether you live next door or across the country, there are many challenges to finding the right care for your loved one. Learn more about being a helpful part of a successful health care plan.

  • Care and Planning for End-of-Life

    Are you making choices for someone nearing the end of life? You can help your loved one by understanding their wishes during this time. Minimize legal and medical stress for your family by creating a thoughtful end-of-life plan.

  • Peter Talks Burger Combos and Medicare

    What’s the difference between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D? What types of Medicare might fit your situation? Get help putting together a Medicare “combo” that may fit with your needs.

  • Peter Talks Pregnancy and Medicare

    Do you have questions about Medicare? Knowing when you’re due, what you need and where to go for help may support you in making Medicare choices.

  • Peter Talks Sports Cars and Medicare

    You could compare shopping for a Medicare plan to shopping for a car. There are a lot of choices out there, and it’s all about finding the right one for you. Learn more.

  • Peter Talks Complicated Medicare Scenarios

    What happens if you’re working and getting employer health benefits when you turn 65? This complicated scenario is becoming quite common. Learn what it may mean for your Medicare enrollment.

  • Peter Talks Brass Tacks and Medicare

    Have you ever been told that nothing in life is free? This holds true for Medicare, which could include costs such as monthly premiums, annual deductibles, copays and coinsurance.

  • Peter Talks Fruit (Medicare vs Medicaid)

    Do you know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid? Peter uses fruit to explain the programs, which are as different as apples and oranges.
  • Peter Talks Ducks and Drugs

    You’ve probably heard that brand name prescription drugs and their generic counterparts are identical for all practical purposes. Learn more about it and how you may be able to save money on prescription drugs.

  • Peter Teaches You to Read (Your Prescription)

    You might not be able to read your doctor’s handwriting but you should be able to read your prescription drug labels. Learn what to look for on your labels and what it may mean.

  • Peter Talks Staying Healthy

    Your health is in your hands. Learn about Medicare benefits designed to help you live a healthier life and how you can take advantage of them.

  • Peter Talks Vaccines

    Did you know that most preventive vaccines are covered by Medicare? Preventive vaccines include the flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, pneumonia vaccine and more. Get the scoop in this video.

  • Words with Peter: Deductible

    Do you know what a “deductible” is? Deductibles can have a big impact on your health care budget. Find out more in this video.

  • Words with Peter: Copay and Coinsurance

    Do you know the difference between “co-pay” and “co-insurance”? Find out by watching this video.

  • Words with Peter: Tiered Formulary

    What is a “tiered formulary” and what does it mean for you if your drug plan has one? Learn about it in this video.

  • Words With Peter: Medicare Open Enrollment Period

    What and when is the “Medicare Open Enrollment Period”? What can you do during this period? Find out about changing your Medicare coverage and more.

  • Words With Peter: Medicare Initial Enrollment Period

    What is the “Medicare Initial Enrollment Period,” or “IEP”? When is it, and what happens if you miss it? Learn about it in this video

  • Words with Peter: Explanation of Benefits

    What is an “explanation of benefits”? When do you receive it and what type of Medicare information is in it? Find out in this video.

  • Words with Peter: Prescription Drug Coverage Gap

    What exactly is the “prescription drug coverage gap,” also known as “the donut hole”? Is there a way to avoid falling into the gap? Learn more.